Chuck Cirino began his entertainment industry career in 1974 at Blue Ridge Cable TV in Pennsylvania. He managed the programming and day to day operation of the Public Access arm of the company. In his spare time and using the equipment at hand (a Sony Portapak) he created a 6 part TV series called, Tales from the Earthfather, and a feature-length video taped movie called, The Dreamquest. Using these productions as a calling card he began thinking about moving to Los Angeles.

In 1978 he made the move and landed a job as a videotape editor for Videography Studios. His position there transitioned into directing high-end special effects television commercials for Nissan, Lincoln Mercury and Alberto-Culver.

Concurrently, Chuck directed the second unit and supervised visual effects on Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater for Showtime Entertainment.

Chuck has worked as a producer, director, filmmaker, videographer, animator, special effects technician, editor, and composer. Chuck is best known for executive produceing and directing Weird TV, a television series featuring weird Americans, bizarre news, unbelievable events and outlandish skits. In addition to earlier national syndication, Weird.TV was a hot property on MSN Video and nominated for 3 Webby Awards under the categories of Best Humor, Best Use of Animation or Graphics and Best Weird.

Chuck has directed projects for Disney, CBS, FOX, TLC and PBS among others. He has produced reality segments for Strange Universe, Real TV, The 90's Channel, and BBC's Yankee Pankee.

Chuck’s credits also include executive producer and director of the Sci Fi Channel projects, Worldwide Weird and Warped In Space, and Baberellas; an independent Sci Fi feature distributed by Xenon Pictures.

Chuck's work includes directing the entire run of The Federated Group’s TV commercials with Shadoe Stevens—a Southern California commercial phenomenon, creative direction for Planet Hollywood’s worldwide in-house TV Series, Planet TV; directing music videos for bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and The Dickies, editing Martin Mull’s, and The History of White People In America.

In the late-1980s Chuck began scoring films for Roger Corman. He recorded over 40 musical soundtracks for these movies through the mid-1990s. Today he has at least 7 films playing on Syfy.

In the last few years Chuck worked at HBO New Media producing comedy songs, sketches, directing and editing content. He is currently with post producing several branded web series.

In his spare time he manages his video blog,

Chuck is a supporting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Producers Guild of America.

Chuck can be reached at: 818-360-8896 or at

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